Recognizing the increasing need for reliable identification and uncompromised authentication, Precision has developed a holistic solution suite comprising of biometric hardware and software modules that can suit all common usage scenarios across industry segments. The modular design of the InnaIT framework provides flexibility – the organization may choose the specific modules that are needed and expand as the user base grows.

The InnaIT framework also simplifies the implementation – eliminating the need for complex integration of multiple security solutions


The Core Framework. Contains device drivers, algorithms, DB, Services and the several modules. SDK enables integration into specific application screens


Biometric authentication as a second factor while logging on to enterprise applications



Biometric authentication for Windows Active Directory login. Supports VPN and VDI



Biometric protection to secure administrator access to Servers



Confidential user files & data are protected using biometric encryption



Event Verification System - Helps eliminate impersonation during any multi-stage process



Centralized time and attendance system



Vector Line

Audit Trails

The InnaIT framework provides non-repudiable audit logs for authentication performed across all protected applications in one place. Contrast this to having to pull-up the audit logs individually from each application and having to consolidate them whilst using only an SDK!

Audit Trails
Verification Algorithms

The InnaIT framework includes the Identification (1: n) & Verification (1:1) algorithms which eliminate the need for you to separately identify, procure and integrate these components.

Verification Algorithms
Platform agnostic solution

Our Framework is designed to be platform agnostic. This means you can call the services without worrying about operating systems & environments. APIs will allow customization of your specific needs while remaining upward compatible.

Platform agnostic solution
Database agnostic

Our Framework supports MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle. Big Data integration will be added in the subsequent releases.

Database agnostic
Pre-Integrated modules 2FA/eSSO, BioAD, BioNIX, Vault, TAS, EVS

The InnaIT framework comes with a set of pre-integrated modules saving you the effort, cost and time in developing these applications.

Pre Integrated modules
Authentication and Authorization & Signing

Provides tokenization and dynamic authentication. Enables ‘Zero-Trust’ access – Don’t trust, Verify Always approach. Enabled for multiple user-devices. Adaptive authentication in solution road map.

Security & Standardization

We understand security is extremely important and we have got this angle covered through our experience & expertise in the domain. We ensure that the most stringent standards are adopted in the Framework and unique methods of encrypting the biometric data with user details and timestamping are implemented so that you don’t have to worry about spoofing, man-in-the-middle and replay attacks. Communication between the various components of our framework and with your applications are also secured.

Reliability, Maintainability, Performance improvements and feature enhancements

Our framework ensures smooth functioning, continued support and makes for easy troubleshooting. Use new releases of InnaIT to see the benefits of emerging trends with minimal investments thus futureproofing your investments. Other biometric technologies would be added on, in future releases (for example: face, voice authentication).



Holistic Solution

Provides a holistic solution suite comprising of biometric hardware and software modules that can suit all common usage scenarios in the enterprise. Alternate solutions available are specific to one or two use-cases only

Simplified Implementation

Simplified implementation – no complex integration of multiple security products

Modular Design

Modular design provides flexibility to organizations, choose the specific modules that are needed and expand as the user base or solution-needs grow

Complete Control

Complete control over your data – All data, including biometrics, stored locally

Robust Solution

Tried and tested, robust solution – implemented across BFSI, Pharma, BPO and other segments

Subscription model

Subscription model – scaling up/down is easy and convenient & allows for spends to be spread over time and helps in cashflow


CERT-IN certified


OIDC compliant