Precision’s Biometric solutions address the need for fool-proof identification, prevention of impersonation and elimination of issues related to password compromise. Precision has designed & developed its own products & solutions for use in Aadhaar based programs as well as to address enterprise security requirements.

Precision provides STQC certified Biometric Fingerprint Scanners, the necessary InnaIT SDKs, solution integration, implementation, and support services.

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FIDO2 L2 Authentication with Precision’s InnaITKey

InnaITKey A highly secure solution that innovatively combines PKI and Biometric to provide Passwordless Identity Authentication, Transaction Authorization and Signing. InnaITKey is a FIDO2 L2 certified biometric device which can be used for FIDO enabled authentication services including Microsoft Azure active directory.

Authenticator Certification Level 2 (L2) evaluates FIDO Authenticator protection against basic, scalable attacks.

As an associate member of the FIDO Alliance, Precision is a part of FIDO’s initiative to standardize the authentication industry. Our FIDO authenticator is at Level 2, with which we have integrated our state-of-the art on the go biometric authentication device to enable a seamless and secure identity authentication and protection for users.

Today, organizations need flexibility and high-level security in the authentication methods. For example, many organizations rely solely on passwords to authenticate their employees on confidential/critical work such as data management, server management, financial approval systems, etc. In parallel other industries like BFSI invest heavily on OTP authentication for their customers transactions and authorization. With FIDO certification, an enterprise can leverage on the global standards and advantages of FIDO with an additional security layer and process offered by Precision’s InnaITKey. This not only increases the security level but also reduces unnecessary expenses.

Full FIDO capabilities are part of the Precision’s InnaITKey framework. This means organisations can implement passwordless authentication to enhance the customer experience by replacing static passwords with modern capabilities such as biometrics, while also protecting their mobile apps against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks.

FIDO-certified authentication methods are supported out-of-the box as they come to market. Owing to standardization, applications can work with any of the user’s devices and operating systems. This gives organizations and service providers a plethora of choices on how they want to approach customer authentication.

ABAS 100

AEBAS, the Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System is based on Aadhaar Authentication. It is an attendance system with real time monitoring and has comprehensive MIS, as developed by NIC. Precision has designed & developed biometric attendance devices in line with the defined specifications and these devices have been certified for use for AEBAS. These devices have been accepted on the GEM rate contract and have been deployed in large quantities across various departments and states.

PB 510

The PB 510 is a high-quality Fingerprint Scanner, designed for Aadhaar based authentication applications including e-KYC, BHIM Aadhaar Pay, e-Sign, e-PDS, ABAS, Jeevan Pramaan and other enterprise Biometric Applications like 2FA, eSSO, SAP user authentication and others. The scanner is certified by STQC and supports Android, Windows & Linux Operating Systems. The PB510 Fingerprint Scanner utilizes advanced thinfilm optical imaging technology for generating superior quality fingerprint images. The user needs to simply place his/her finger on the blue illuminated platen and the onboard d electronics quickly constructs the high-quality fingerprint image. The fingerprint recognition engine has an unmatched ability to enhance the fingerprint image and render superior performance even in the most constrained dermatological and environmental conditions.