A multi-branch Organization having pan India presence with independent stake holders and vendors.
An enterprise with expert domain knowledge in public service and support with more than 4,000


  • Secure access to the core servers of the enterprise to various stake holders
  • Secure access to the third-party vendor for application development or support
  • Secure access to the reporting servers of the enterprise for audit and compliance

Existing System

  • Windows, Linux, or Unix Servers was protected by Single Factor Authentication (Password)
  • Problems with the conventional ‘User ID & Password’ based security systems are:
    • Password/Identity theft was possible and exchange of password within colleagues was common
    • Password policy to ensure consistency and uniformity
    • Periodic password changes to ensure data security


  • Secure server access of more than 300 servers in the organization
  • Heterogenous environment management for user identity in terms of Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.
  • Group user’s assignment to the single server user
  • Give access to the Third-Party vendors who are not part or employee of the organization
  • Store the complete log of every individual user’s activity of the server access for audit and
  • Application always must be on high availability

Solution Deployed:
Precision Biometric proposed InnaIT BioNIX to be integrated with the multiple server and provided the required biometric based two factor authentications where server uses single user ID for multiple InnaIT ID’s InnaIT BioNIX The solution is designed to integrate fingerprint biometric with existing servers as an enhanced security layer with complete activity logs BioNIX solution is a client server/browser-based environment which consists of below mentioned four components:

  • BioNIX Client: Manages Client/Server communication and configuration with the server, generates logs and sends them to the InnaIT server for future access
  • Client Driver: The client-side driver needs to be installed which contains the fingerprint capturing and extraction process
  • InnaIT Server: InnaIT server contains Biometric Engine, Database, Configuration and Synchronization Modules

Hardware: Scanner will be connected to every PC/Thin client via USB port

InnaIT framework has introduced BioNIX application which is platform agnostic and can be integrated with any of the customer servers like Windows, Linux, Unix Precision has integrated the organization’s 300 servers with BioNIX.  There are some activities like backup support or production rollout which will take more than one day for the completion where multiple server administrators work in shift to complete the activity.  There are some servers which are production servers, where third party vendors are performing development and testing or generating reports to address these issues. Precision has developed a unique solution where a single server user will be assigned to multiple InnaIT users and generate separate logs for individual InnaIT users. The server will have a common login user ID logs, whereas at the same time InnaIT can distinguish these different users using InnaIT logs and shows us who has done what?


    • Secure server access to the various administrators with biometric authentication
    • User access logs for audit and compliance in terms of video logs for Windows and text logs for Unix/Linux Server
    • Preserves confidentiality of sensitive data