One of India’s largest banks with the largest branch network and 6 associate banks located even in
the most remote parts of India.


  • To provide a financial inclusion solution for people who don’t have direct access to the bank
  • Financial Inclusion is aimed at providing banking financial services to all unbanked public                                      (i.e rural and urban) cut off from banking services savings, credit, remittance/fund transfer are some of the services

Existing System

  • Bank has the various branches in tier 1 2 3 cities plus some of the large villages
  • Bank wants to cover the smallest village or remotest place of India to provide Financial Inclusion
  • Even after establishing these many branches there are still some villages or areas which are out of the Bank’s reach


  • Customer’s authorization to be done over the internet via online client/server model
  • Transaction enablement even at limited or low bandwidth
  • Size of each fingerprint template should be 1K to speed up the transit time at low network
  • Heterogenous Environment Management for customer identity using Laptop, Tablet and
    Mobile Platform for Biometric Verification
  • At least six fingerprints need to be enrolled for each customer
  • Authentication server with enablement of giving appropriate messages
  • Secure verification and transactions processed by the bank’s server on global online basis

Solution Deployed
Precision Biometric teamed with IIT, Madras (Rural Technology Business Incubator) and proposed
fingerprint based biometrics authentication for the customers over the internet, which eliminates
the complex process of authentication through PIN and Password

Biometric Solution: The solution is designed to integrate the Biometric solution in a client server
architecture solution consists of the below mentioned two components:

  • Device Driver: The client-side driver contains the fingerprint capturing and extraction
  • Cloud Server: Cloud server contains Biometric Engine, Database, Configuration and
    Synchronization Modules
  • Hardware: Scanner will be connected to every PC/Laptop Mobile, Tablet and Thin client via
    USB/Micro USB port


    • Ease of use with Heterogenous Environment Support in term of Android, Windows, and Unix
    • Takes away the complexity of authentication through PIN and password
    • Cost effective solution