To help protect your company’s assets and data from breaches,follow these tips and best practices:

Close your organization’s doors to malware

Installing and using effective anti-malware solutions in systems and devices that contain or have access to sensitive information is important.
Just as you would never leave your house’s doors open at night or when you’re not at home, your company’s doors should never be left unguarded against people with malicious intent as well.

Stress how important protecting data is

Inform your employees and other insiders about your company’s security policies. Stress the personal and business consequences of not protecting
their mobile devices, systems, storage devices, and the confidential data these contain from loss or theft.

Reward Security-Conscious Behavior

Reinforcing desired employee behavior helps lay the foundation for an ingrained culture of data security awareness. When an employee spots an intrusion attempt and notifies IT right away, salute that action in a public employee gathering or all-staff email. Consider a small “rewards program” for employees who regularly sign up for ongoing training (which reduces the “mandatory” nature for such training).

Think of passwords as keys

The stronger the passwords to accounts are, the harder they are to crack. Keep in mind that without the right keys in hand, malicious insiders and outsiders alike will have a much harder time getting to your company’s crown jewels

Patch holes in your organization’s walls

Identify which information is critical, who could and should be able to access it, then investigate the best ways to protect it with the aid of a trusted IT infrastructure service provider. Like holes or cracks in walls, areas where your company data is most vulnerable can cause your security perimeter to crumble.

Knowing is half the battle

Tell your employees that although losing unencrypted and improperly protected data stored in mobile devices may get them into trouble, failing to report such incidents is worse. This does not only put them but also their colleagues, customers, and the entire organization at great risk.

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