Precision Biometric Unveils InnaITKey Password Manager: Elevating password Security and Convenience

Chennai, India, August 15, 2023 – Precision Biometric, a pioneer in identity security and access management solutions, is proud to introduce the InnaITkey Password Manager. This innovative solution redefines password management by combining robust security with effortless usability.

InnaITkey Password Manager, by Precision Biometric, simplifies online security while enhancing protection.

Key Features of InnaITKey Password Manager

1. Certified Security: InnaITKey, completely developed by Precision Biometric, is FIDO2 certified, ensuring top-level authentication standards and safeguarding digital credentials.

2. Biometric Access: The integrated fingerprint sensor adds a secure layer of biometric identity verification for the user.

3. Encrypted Storage: InnaITKey Password Manager stores credentials locally on the device, and in an encrypted form to prevent unauthorized access even if the device is lost.

4. Browser Compatibility: InnaITKey Password Manager works seamlessly with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera & Brave, streamlining password management without altering browsing habits.

5. Capacity and Complexity: Precision Biometric’s InnaITKey Password Manager stores up to 2000 credentials, also having the capability to generate complex passwords for enhanced security.

6. Customizable Login: InnaITKey offers flexible options for website interactions, granting users control over automated or manual login.

Mathew Chacko, Founder Director & CEO of Precision Group, said “InnaITKey Password Manager represents our dedication to innovative security solutions. At these times of increased concerns about impersonation, password compromise and other threats, we wanted to create a simple-to-use, convenient, highly secure and relevant solution for people who are worried about password theft. We believe that the solution would deliver peace of mind to our customers.”

Experience enhanced digital security with InnaITKey Password Manager by Precision Biometric. Visit for more details.

About Precision
Established in 1996, Precision Group (comprising of Precision Biometric, Precision Infomatic, Precision Techserve) provides Biometric, IoT, Cloud & Systems Integration solutions and IT Infrastructure Management Services. Precision adopts a consulting approach to address the needs of clients and has a very strong R&D and IP creation focus. With a PAN India presence and a 2500+ strong team of experienced and skilled certified pre-sales, sales & technical personnel, Precision strives to deliver value to its clients, leading to the creation of a large and loyal base of delighted customers.
Precision Biometric, through its innovative solutions, addresses the need for foolproof identification, prevention of impersonation and elimination of issues coupled with password compromise. Precision Biometric has created various solutions – both hardware & software – such as Single Fingerprint scanners, ABAS attendance devices, Biometric enabled Tablets, the InnaIT Framework (Patented) and InnaITKey (Patent Pending) to address the varying needs of organizations operating in different verticals. Precision Biometric’s UIDAI/STQC certified fingerprint scanners have been implemented in large quantities across the country.

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